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Expungement & Sealing

People with qualifying arrests and convictions may petition the court of their sentencing county to expunge or seal their records. We can answer your questions regarding eligibility for expungement and sealing. Contained in this site is an overview explaining the process and worksheets to determine if you qualify to expunge or seal your record. We also provide instructions and forms.

The Office of the State Appellate Defender cannot represent you on a petition to expunge or seal your records. To contact us with questions, or to request a copy of the overview, worksheets and/or forms you may email, call or write us. Be sure to include your mailing address if requesting materials to be mailed to you. All forms and information may also be downloaded.

Questions or to request additional information contact:

Office of the State Appellate Defender
Expungement & Sealing Unit
400 W. Monroe, Suite 202
    Springfield, IL 62704
Toll-Free: 866-787-1776