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PD Resource Center

Due to the confidential nature of the materials on the Public Defender Resource Center, only active Public Defenders, attorneys who are actively accepting appointments in indigent criminal cases, and retired Appellate or Public Defenders who are not practicing or who are IPDA officers/board member are eligible for membership. Attorneys who seek membership based on accepting appointments will be contacted for the names, case numbers, and counties of three State criminal cases in which appointments to represent indigent defendants have been accepted in the last year. Once that information is received, your application will be processed. Case information is subject to verification.

Resources included

  • File Share
  • Experts Database
  • Training Calendar
  • Illinois Public Defender Discussion Group
    An email-based group that allows members to discuss current issues and obtain news of interest to criminal defense attorneys. Members of PD Resource Center are required to subscribe to in order to receive email alerts for new content.


Complete Sign Up. You will receive confirmation by email when your request has been approved.

How to Access the PD Resource Center video provides an overview of registration process:


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